Thursday, July 24, 2008

Pearls from the Prophet's Lips

The Almighty is sufficient as an intimate friend.

The Greater Holy War is against the self.

No father can give a better gift to his children than good manners.

The best Muslim home is one where there is an orphan who is treated well.

Worship Him as though you see Him, and know that He sees you.

The Almighty said, " If anyone is distracted from asking Me by his remembrance of Me, I will give him better than what I give to those who ask."
Missing a prayer is like suffering a great misfortune in one's family and wealth.

Do not go to the mosque running. Go with calmness. Pray what is left and complete what you miss. You are in prayer as long as your aim is the prayer.

The person who prays is conversing with his Lord.

No one is a true believer until he wishes for others what he wishes for himself.

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Buddy Award from Yasmeen

Buddy Award from Yasmeen

An Award from Yasmeen of Health nut

An Award from Yasmeen of Health nut