Saturday, January 29, 2011

Arabic For Beginners

Last year I had enrolled in Arabic for Beginner class. My intention is to learn and understand this beautiful language which had been chosen by the Almighty. Here I will try and share what I had learned and hope someday Allah swt gives you and I the gift of understanding the Arabic language.

Introduction to Arabic Alphabets

There are 28 alphabets in the arabic language. Below is how it is used in words.

Alphabet                                                          Meaning

A - Al Alif                         Alif ( the alphabet )                   

B - Bait                                  House  

T - Tilmidh                        Student in primary 

Th - Thalathah                            3

J - Ja`mi'ah                           University

H - Hur`uf                              Alphabet   

Kh - Khoir                              Good/ well

D - Madrosah                          School
Dh - Dha`lika                            That

R - Rob                                 God/ Almighty

Z - Zauj                                 Husband

S - Sayya`roh                              Car

Sy - Syamsiyyah                     Umbrella

S - Soba`h                            Morning

D - Abyad`                                White ( color )

T - To`lib                             Student in Secondary/ University  

Z - Bu`zoh                           Ice cream

`A - `A`ilah                          Family

Gh - Ghurfah                          Room

F - Fursoh                              Pleasure

Q - Qolam                                Pen

K - Kitab                                  Book

L -  Ha`l                                         News     

M - Mudhakkar                          Male 

N - Laun                                        Colour

H - Ahlan                               Welcome

W - Huwa                                 He 

Y - Yaum                                 Day

Here I try my best to deliver the sounds and words used say these alphabets, As a student of this beautiful language I ask  Allah swt to forgive me for any errors that I make  knowingly or otherwise. The first step is to be able to recognise the alphabets in this words and better still practise writing it in arabic.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

99 Names of Allah

Narrated Abu Huraira: Allah has ninety-nine Names, i.e., one hundred minus one, and whoever believes in their meanings and acts accordingly, will enter Paradise; and Allah is Witr (one) and loves 'the Witr' (i.e., odd numbers). [Bukhari Vol 8 Book 75, Hadith 419]

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

A new beginning.

For almost the whole year of 2010 I had not updated my blog. There are many reasons and excuses but none of which is good enough an excuse for not maintaining my blog. It had become an abandoned project just like somethings that we drop off half way in our life. Maybe it could have been boring, monotonous or maybe I just run out of idea on what to write. After my pilgrimage to Mecca in 2009, I came back with many resolutions. One was to decrease my time on the Internet so that I can spend more time in my prayers and gain knowledge about my religion. But then I realised that by sharing my knowledge through this blog, I am doing something worthwhile where others could learn and share their experiences. Thus with renewed determination, I decided to continue with my blog. InsyaAllah, I am planning to continue Recipe for my children for now. And if time permits I will be starting a new topic on "Teaching Reading for 2yrs - 6yrs using the Montessori Method. InsyaAllah.

Buddy Award from Yasmeen

Buddy Award from Yasmeen

An Award from Yasmeen of Health nut

An Award from Yasmeen of Health nut