Saturday, January 29, 2011

Arabic For Beginners

Last year I had enrolled in Arabic for Beginner class. My intention is to learn and understand this beautiful language which had been chosen by the Almighty. Here I will try and share what I had learned and hope someday Allah swt gives you and I the gift of understanding the Arabic language.

Introduction to Arabic Alphabets

There are 28 alphabets in the arabic language. Below is how it is used in words.

Alphabet                                                          Meaning

A - Al Alif                         Alif ( the alphabet )                   

B - Bait                                  House  

T - Tilmidh                        Student in primary 

Th - Thalathah                            3

J - Ja`mi'ah                           University

H - Hur`uf                              Alphabet   

Kh - Khoir                              Good/ well

D - Madrosah                          School
Dh - Dha`lika                            That

R - Rob                                 God/ Almighty

Z - Zauj                                 Husband

S - Sayya`roh                              Car

Sy - Syamsiyyah                     Umbrella

S - Soba`h                            Morning

D - Abyad`                                White ( color )

T - To`lib                             Student in Secondary/ University  

Z - Bu`zoh                           Ice cream

`A - `A`ilah                          Family

Gh - Ghurfah                          Room

F - Fursoh                              Pleasure

Q - Qolam                                Pen

K - Kitab                                  Book

L -  Ha`l                                         News     

M - Mudhakkar                          Male 

N - Laun                                        Colour

H - Ahlan                               Welcome

W - Huwa                                 He 

Y - Yaum                                 Day

Here I try my best to deliver the sounds and words used say these alphabets, As a student of this beautiful language I ask  Allah swt to forgive me for any errors that I make  knowingly or otherwise. The first step is to be able to recognise the alphabets in this words and better still practise writing it in arabic.

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Buddy Award from Yasmeen

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