Sunday, December 23, 2007

Kabil Learns A Lesson

Once there lived an old farmer in a faraway village. He had a small hut and only a camel and a few other farm animals for his company. Everyday the old farmer worked very hard on his tiny farm. Although he had very little money, he always had enough of food to eat and feed the animals. The farmer loved all his animals especially the camel. The farmer called the camel Kabil.

Kabil is a good camel. Everyday Kabil helps the farmer without grumbling. One day Kabil met a few camels passing by his hut. They were stray camels and did not belong to anyone. One of the camels said boastfully, “ We are free animals. We do not have to work day and night like you. We can sit and sleep the whole day, while you Kabil have to work all day long!”. They teased Kabil and went away laughing at him.

Kabil started to think about his hard life. He had forgotten how much the farmer loves him. Kabil also did not think about how safe he is staying with the old farmer. That night Kabil pulled free from his rope, and ran away from the farm. Kabil ran aimlessly not knowing which direction to go. Finally he became very tired and stopped to rest under a tree. Soon he felt asleep.

After a while when he woke up, Kabil found a rope around his neck. A stranger was standing next to him. The man took Kabil to a crowded market. He kept Kabil in a small cramped cage together with other animals. There Kabil met the stray camels who teased him before. They looked sick and tired. “ Kabil, why are you here?” asked the camel. “ Did the old farmer send you to be sold in the market?” Kabil kept silent. He was ashamed to tell them that he had ran away from his master who was a kind and gentle man.

Kabil stayed in the market for many days. He was very afraid. He was hungry and longed for his beautiful farm where the farmer and all his friends were. A few days later, Kabil saw the old farmer in the market. The old farmer quickly recognised Kabil. He came and talked to the man who brought Kabil to the market. Kabil saw the old farmer give five shiny coins to the man. Soon Kabil was freed from his cramped cage, into the safe hands of the old farmer.

Kabil knew the farmer had very little money and yet he had used them to save him. He felt so ashamed to have caused so much trouble. Kabil vowed he will work extra hard and never run away again.
Sara G 2007

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Buddy Award from Yasmeen

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An Award from Yasmeen of Health nut