Friday, February 20, 2009

Why Our Prayers and Dua'as are not Answered

It's been almost two months since 2009 dawned on us. This year started with so much of sufferings and pain for our brothers and sisters in Palestine. When major trials and tribulations happen, we all turn to seek divine intervention and seek His mercy. And we start wondering Why our dua'aa and prayers are not answered. The fault time and time again are on us. ..human. Our greed, our indifference, our selfish acts, our disunity, our distrust, and the list go on. When something bad befalls us then only we are jerked awake from our slumber.

Why Our Prayers and Dua'as are not Answered

Taken from Khushoo fis-Salaat (p.62) of Ibn Rajab al-Hanbalee - rahimullah.

IBRAHEEM IBN ADHAM - may Allah have mercy on him - a third century scholar, a teacher and a companion of Sufyaan ath-Thawree, was asked about the saying of Allah - the Most High:


"We supplicate and we are not answered."
So he said to them:

You know Allah, Yet you do not obey Him,

You recite the Qur'aan, Yet do not act according to it,

You know Shaitaan(Devil), Yet you have agreed with him,

You proclaim that you love Muhammed, (P.B.U.H) Yet you abandon his Sunnah,

You proclaim your love for Paradise, Yet you do not act to gain it,

You proclaim your fear the Fire, Yet you do not prevent yourselves from sins,

You say "Indeed death is true", Yet you have not prepared for it,

You point out the faults with others, Yet you do not look at your faults,

You eat of that which Allah has provided for you, Yet you do not thank Him,

You bury your dead, Yet you do not take a lesson from

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