Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Alif the Rooster tricks the Fox

Once upon a time there lived a rooster called Alif on a farm. He lived there with other animals like Kabil the camel, Gazi the goat, Saad the sheep, Hera the hen and Dodi the kitten. They all lived happily with their master the farmer who loves them all very much.

Every morning Alif wakes everyone up by crowing. “CORCOROCOW……” Alif crowed. Suddenly there was a loud growling sound. To Alif’s surprise, a fox was standing near the bushes. “Hey rooster, if you have finished crowing why don’t you jump down over here from your chicken yard and we can play.” said the fox. “What! Play with you? I know what you will do if I jump over there. You will eat me!” crowed Alif.

The fox knew it was not easy to trick the rooster, so he went away. Later that day Hera the hen was very happy because all the eggs had hatched. Now she has seven adorable chicks. Alif and Hera take the chicks out to the yard every morning and evening. Even Dodi the kitten likes to play with the chicks.

One day Alif the rooster stood with a worried look on his face. “Why do you look so worried, Alif? Is something wrong?” asked Kabil. “Yes, I am worried. The chicks are getting bigger and more difficult to control. Do you know that there are a few foxes living near our farm? I am afraid they might snatch the chicks when no one is looking,” sighed the rooster. “Don’t worry, we will all help to look out for the chicks. After all what friends are for?” assured Kabil. Just then they heard a loud clucking sound. Hera the hen was running up and down frantically. One of her chicks is missing and she is very mad! “Cluck…Cluck…..Help my chick is missing….Cluck…. Cluck……!”

Alif quickly circled all the chicks and the hen. He whispered to the flock that he knew who had taken the missing chick. Then he ordered the flock to go back to their coop and stay inside. Alif thought hard. He knew the fox and his friends must have snatched the poor little chick. “We must trick the fox somehow and get Mr. Farmer’s attention.” Crowed the rooster, fluffing his feathers. “Yes, Mr. Farmer has that long thing that can shoot. I have seen him shooting at a wild boar the other day. Boy, it was so loud. The wild boar ran so fast, I never saw it again.” bleats Saad the sheep. “That long thing is a shotgun and they are very dangerous. I am sure the fox will not like the farmer to shoot him. But how do we tell Mr. Farmer about the fox?” sighed Kabil the camel. All the animals stood very still thinking about how to get Mr. Farmer to chase the fox and his friends away from their little farm, when suddenly, “ Wait I have an idea.!” crowed the rooster. All the animals got together that night and worked out a plan.

The next day as usual, Hera the hen took her chicks out. As they were walking, the fox and his friends came out calling them. “Hey chicken why don’t you come here. I told you the other day we just want to make friends with all of you,” snarled the fox.
The Rooster crowed, loudly "NOW, EVERYONE!!!"
All the chickens flopped around, crashing into fences, clucking as loud as they could at the top of their beaks. The camel groaned, the goat and sheep bleat thunderously. The kitten meowed and ran up and down the tree while the rooster crowed loudly fluffing his wings. The foxes did not know what was going on.
Mr. Farmer heard the noise and came out of the hut with his shotgun in his hands." WHAT IS GOING ON OUT THERE?" shouted the old farmer. To his surprise he saw four foxes standing near the fence snarling at all his animals. The farmer quickly fired two shots over their heads then he waved his hands vigorously shooing the foxes. The poor fox did not see anything at all. As soon as he heard the shots he ran away with his friends following behind. The animals knew that will be the last time they see the foxes near their farm again. Hera the hen thanked her friends for helping her and her chicks.

The end
Sara G 2008

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Buddy Award from Yasmeen

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An Award from Yasmeen of Health nut